So, you haven't seen enough?....well now I have videos on Youtube

If you looked (very long and hard) around my house, you might find one or two videos that chronicle some isolated moments (good ones, but far too few) along the 40 year span of my music playing life. The lack of such "records" might come as a surprise to you, but honestly, it's probably quite a common thing among what I label "Blue Collar" musicians, myself included. You know, the ones who play the bars, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops etc. day in and day out to make a living. They might have a promo shot that is several years old, perhaps a demo done in their home studio, or even a CD of their own tunes (like mine...."Private Passion"). The marketing gene is NOT present in the DNA of every musician, nor is the discipline necessary to plan, organize, create and disseminate vital  pieces of promotional/marketing information. Add to that social networking, web site management, blogging, rehearsals, a day job (or two) and it quickly approaches the point at which one's head explodes. So, many of us (you know who you are) have been content to rely on the bare essentials and pray to the Gods that gigs would find their way to us.

  Beyond the rare exception most performers who have successful marketing and promotion strategies in place have had help getting there. Fortunately for me, I have recently found the gift of a wonderful life partner with some keen web talents and the loving desire to help me achieve success on a greater level through many new avenues. And YES...NOW we get to the subject of this blog. I figure if you're still with me at this point, you must REALLY like what I have to say or how I say it, or you are even more bored than any of us imagined...hehe.

Through the good fortune of circumstances, we had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to shoot some videos at one or two of the venues at which I perfrom. Though these were shot as test runs for video to be done at the Showcase open mic, we were so pleased with the overall quality of what we found, that we decided to put them up on Youtube. Now, you can see me sing anytime you want! (Cause you know you want to). Videos rule the world these days and I have finally caught on, and caught up, with the urgings of my lady. There will be more to come so, stop back often. Maybe you'd like to suggest a song you'd like to see on a future video? Hmmmm.....this is gonna be fun!