On being a soundman

     Kris Ferris setting up sound system for Parisian Promenade 2012 at Greensboro NC Bog GardenSetting up sound system for Parisian PromenadeIn a perfect world, ( I know, you thought it was and I have just burst that fantasy bubble of yours, but someone had to do it) one could make a fine living playing cover music mixed with his own original tunes in local venues with ease and retire healthy,wealthy and wise......hehe. Ok, that was the Disney portion of this installment. I have managed to perform in some form or fashion for 40 years now, but NOT without other forms of income to "keep the lights on". Far from giving up on the dream that music and things related to it WILL be my sole source of joy and support, I am constantly visualizing that life and working every angle I can think of to make it happen. I have no desire to work for anyone but MYSELF and that seems to be plenty of incentive to press forward and have faith that the best is yet to come.

     As a solo performer and member of a trio, I have been the one who owns the sound equipment, brings it to gigs, sets it up and runs it. You would think it would have occured to me years ago that there was money to be made doing the same thing for other bands or any number of other people with a need for either a sound system, someone to run one, or BOTH!? Perhaps the desire was not there, or my collection of equipment didn't quite facilitate that at the time. However, I WAS actively seeking out and buying gear for that purpose along the way. Over the last handfull of years, through some of the relationships I have built, (VERY IMPORTANT) I have been able to slowly immerse myself into the role of "live sound provider and technician", at several prominent events in the Greensboro area. Each successful experience and positive review I would receive served to boost my confidence and tell me that I was certainly capable and showed me that it could be more...if I gave it more. Knowing my distaste for other forms of income I have chased down or relied on in the past, I made a decision (though when, or how conscious it was I cannot say) to give it that extra push.

     Though my partner Dan Bayer and I are not ready to compete with the established sound companies in the area, we CAN provide sound for small acts, clubs  and HAVE done so already, as well as for decent sized out door events such as...."Oktoberfest 2011", "Parisian Promenade", "Summer Solstice Celebration" and most recently a Reggae Festival at Aggie Field, to name a few. It may be a small list, but it IS growing and we are investing in more gear every chance we get. As musicians we have an affinity with performers and approach the whole sound concept through a performers lens, keeping in mind our own experiences when we had to rely on others to create that sonic "vibe" that allowed us to get into our music.

     So, if you are reading this because you have a need for sound gear, someone to operate it, or both, please get in touch. We are dependable, easy to work with and competetively priced!