Much ado about nothing

Lately there has been this little voice yakking at me inside my head saying "You need to be blogging you know!?". That voice used to be outside of my head, in the form of my lady Melody who would excitedly expound on the wonders and powers of "SEO" (don't ask me what I thought that was..hehe) and all the traffic and benefits that could be derived from telling my story in a blog format. It seems the search engines of the world only like you if you're really involved in your site and that means by putting up new and different content on a regular basis.  The only problem I have with that last sentence is the word "regular". There is very little about my life that is regular, so I don't know why I would think blogging consistantly was NOT going to have its challenges. Regardless of that, Google's robot minions are busy scouring the internet 24/7, keeping tabs on me and millions of others out there, snooping into who's doing what, where, when and how. I am sure this is a routine thing these days, but it's just a bit creepy to me. I have visions of these things getting out of my computer somehow, some day and scurrying across my floor like cockroaches. Ok, time to put my imagination to better use and stay on point here.

So, how am I doing at saying something when I really have nothing to say? Granted, I am a word man and have songs, poems and even had close scrapes with journaling over the years (though I use the term very loosely) as proof. It's kind of a quality vs. quantity situation. You don't buy that? Ok, it's just a plain old "I can't think of a damn thing to say of any importance" thing and we both know it. But, here's the upside to this quandry; those little spies I mentioned earlier don't really care if I have anything important to say, although they might listen closer if I spoke the right words. They just want to "see" my lips moving...hehe. I can accommodate them on that one.

But then comes another little nagging voice imposing itself upon me and delivering its message of guilt and judgment about my lack of responsibility. I have to sit and listen to it saying "How can you possibly feel good about running on about next to nothing of any substance?" I find myself actually thinking about that for the briefest moment, but then I catch myself and remember that I made no promises about how "deep", or well thought out, or significant ANY of what I had to share would be. Phew. Off the hook again! Still, I DO hope from time to time to be more "in tune", relevant and share with you things you find worth the time you spent reading them. Hopefully you have been using some of your spare time here and so will not feel cheated. As for me, I feel some relief having kept the "eyes and ears" of the internet at bay for a while longer. Now I am off to participate in the real world again and am sure to have something excellent to talk about next time.