Kris Ferris... where have you been?

That question could take a long time to answer and I doubt you have the time or patience for the "Long story", so I will try to cover as much ground in as few words as possible. In a nut shell, the road ahead seems to have many divergent paths and I am at a loss as to which one to venture down. I hope you can relate.

Being a man now venturing into his 6th decade, with a daughter about to graduate from high school and preparing for college, priorities are changing rapidly and looking a lot different these days. Anyone with kids this age knows the financial responsibilities increase exponentially and I have not fully prepared myself for this eventuality. Survival has been my prime focus and has kept me busy away from the computer and the internet quite often. Besides, gigs have been harder to come by, so there hasn't really been much going on to brag about, if you know what I mean? I hope this year will bring some clarity and maybe a permanent job, to give my income some stability. Now...that doesn't mean I will quit performing or doing sound or other creative things. I envision it allowing me to be more selective about what I get involved in and not driven so much by making a buck.

I am sure I am not that much different from any of you. We all have our challenges to deal with. I believe it's called "Life". I feel confident that "This too shall pass" and I will have good things to write about in due time. I am still here... really!