Jonathan Fields, Seth Godin and their part in my journey

So, here I am at the beginning of 2013 telling people as I encounter them, that I am probably retiring from public performing by the end of this year.  After some interesting responses to my unexpectedly bold statement, which have been varying from a dropped jaw to hysterical laughter, the next question is inevitably, "What are you gonna do after that?" Then it's my turn to come back with some interesting responses, depending on whom I have just told. But, the majority of those come-backs run along the lines of " I haven't got a clue". Before you start thinking I am off to be a rocket scientist, or a cake decorator, or some other lofty and prestigious endeavor, let me assure you I intend to stay connected to the music world, just in new, but not entirely clear ways. Many times now, as I pause to assess things at the end of my day, those conversations run through my head and that little voice that seems to know just how to irritate me finds its voice again. " You idiot, why are you changing course at this point in your life? What in the world are you doing? How do you expect to survive without a net?" Being sure enough of what is going on inside me to tell people I am not going to continue performing, while in the same sentence admitting I have no clue about what my new career might look like, leaves me feeling just a bit foolish and irresponsible, to name a couple feelings, from a much longer list. Foolish enough that I question why, why, why? and sit back only to hear the crickets chirping. Oh? You hear them too? Hmmm... anyway, it is not the most pleasant part of any day and has kept me close to certifying myself as a lunatic and applying for a job at Wal-Mart more often than I'd like to admit. But, every now and then, a message comes along at not so coincidental times that keeps me pressing on down this dark and foggy road without being able to see my destination but knowing on some unconscious level it's there... through the mist.

The embedded video here from Good Life Project which is one of several interesting projects by Jonathan Fields, interviewing Seth Godin, which was brought to my attention by the loving Lady in my life, is exactly the type of "message" that I speak of.  And, I appreciate all three of the individuals I just mentioned in the previous line for their parts in getting that message to me. I hope my sharing it here with you will mean it finds the ears, mind, or heart of someone needing some inspiration, or like me, a reminder that it's not WHAT you do that necessarily matters. It's doing something, ANYTHING, that gets you somewhere.