Inspirations / Crystal Bright


Greensboro, NC Singer songwriter Crystal Bright from Crystal Bright and the Silver HandsSinger, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Crystal BrightEvery now and then, there comes along a performer, or group, who all-but-ignore the possible pitfalls and endless hurdles of being an independent musician. Through sheer determination and with unwavering faith they push hard and long enough to break through the barriers to find success on their own terms. There is a certain amount of luck that must be accounted for in the success formula, granted. Yet luck alone will not get someone very far. Talent is vital to sustain longevity, but talent is hardly enough to guarantee a certain outcome. Being personable and accessible are crucial when winning over fans and building business relationships, but charm doesn't open every door. Today's "indie" musician must have a collection of knowledge, guts, talent and drive (and yes, a little bit of luck) - even a little quirkiness - to get themselves noticed. Lots of performers may be good at one thing or another, but it's pretty easy to recognize the rare individuals that seem to possess all of these characteristics.

Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands is one of those groups. It's hard to put a finger on just what genre they fit into or pin a label on them, but what Crystal writes and presents, with the help of the fine musicians backing her up, is ear-catching and soul-grabbing. Once she's pulled you into her musical world, you could care less what they call it. Its energy washes over you and sweeps you away from the first note, to the last. THIS is what entertainers do!

Having known Crystal for a while now and having had the privilege of seeing her perform on more than one occasion, observing her personal style and work ethic, I'd say she fits in that "has all the right stuff" category. My recent interview with her brought out her genuine, down-to-earth nature as we conversed comfortably in between laughs. Yet it became ever more evident as we spoke that underneath that casual exterior there was a woman who is firmly in control of her destiny and fully prepared to do whatever it takes to reach her goals. She has talent and it explodes from the stage as she acts as conductor exhorting the musicians to get the best out of each performance. Experience has been a good teacher and built the confidence she now displays. Passion for musical expression is what fuels her dreams and sparks her drive. She uses every tool at her disposal to pursue each opportunity to further market herself and her band. That dedication to purpose and unrelenting attitude have started to pay off. She and the band are very busy these days and the word about them is spreading. Once upon a time I would have been envious of an artist of Crystal's caliber. I am now happy to be able to say "Thanks Crystal, for sharing your gift and for being an inspiration to me".