Featured Artist Segments

      You may already know, if you've been keeping up with me here or on Facebook, that I have been increasingly interested in, and driven by a desire to give back the the local music community. One of the most visual manifestations of that has been my co-founding and hosting of the original showcase and open mic events happening monthly at the Creative Center in Greensboro. Some of the challenges that have arisen as a result of putting on such an event have led me to realize that much of what I had intended to do there could ALSO be done via my web site, the internet and the power of social networking with better and more far reaching results. This by no means indicates that I am giving up on the open mic concept, or that I have lost my faith in what it still could do. I am still committed to them for the duration that the core group agreed to participate, but understand that it's life and longevity depends on many things out of our control. From that perspective, it seems like a natural progression to use my web site as a platform to promote other artists in much the same way the showcase was set up to do.

      So, moving forward, I will begin doing just that! Each month, I will feature a different artist from the local music community. They will be artists or bands that write and or perform their own music, or music written by local songwriters. "Why is it so important that they are these particular types of artists?" you may ask. That is a perfectly valid and poignant question. My answer is because I am a songwriter and performer who knows the challenges of getting one's creations out to the world and the struggles involved with building an audience and gaining the credibility the that feeds success.

      While I have my own need and interest in promoting myself, I am also quite willing and happy to give my fellow songwiters out there some added "push", knowing that every little bit helps. We might be able to survive on our own, but I think most of you out there will agree that building success and developing meaningful and lucrative careers requires the support of MANY others. In this instance, I don't mind being "one of the many" Please, check back often to see my schedule and what I have been up to as well as get to know lots ot other talented people you might not have been aware of right here in your own back yard, so to speak.