Featured Artist Segments... The Interview

Ideas, like fantasies are wonderful things because they exist in a perfect world where every thing goes fabulously and turns out, well... perfect. In my head, the vision of doing video interviews with each month's featured artist seemed not only logical and the most entertaining, but also easily acheived. I suppose for one with lots of technology handy and the expertise to record it and then format, edit and upload the content, such a process is hardly a challenge. For me to attempt this feat alone would have been mind boggling and most likely had me speaking out loud in tongues (yes cursing) mid-session. Fortunately and may I say gratefully, I have this wonderful woman who seems to be enjoying these new ventures of discovery and learning that my visions create. So, although this is technically "my" adventure, I am hardly going it alone.

Back a month or two ago when the idea was first verbalized, the plan to launch in August seemed to allow plenty of time to prepare. Much like not fooling with Mother Nature (related blog post forthcoming) one should never underestimate the ability and likelihood of "life" creeping in and sucking up time and energy that was supposed to be set aside for items on your "to do" list. Needless to say, August seemed to show up much too early and there was a sudden realization that there were still loose ends, Ummm, yeah, we won't say how many. Ok, so the location wasn't set, the day and time were still iffy, the actual device we would use was not a sure thing and the questions for the interview were written and sent to our gracious first artist Aubrey Shamel literally the night before we were to sit down, once it was confirmed.  I went to sleep nervously the night before filming. As we entered Two Egrets Media the next day, it felt as if all of us were a bit on edge. But, when the camera started "rolling" you could almost see each person snap into performance mode. I came out of that experience feeling relieved and empowered about moving on to the next one.

All in all, things went excedingly well despite a glitch or two and the hectic circumstances surrounding this entry into the world of video. They went so well in fact that, for now, we will continue to use what we have on hand until there is money to invest in something more suitable to this and other project needs. The first segments have all been published. See? Flying by the seat of your pants doesn't mean you will always get bumps and bruises or crash. It turned out to be a fun day for everyone and it proved that sometimes belief is all that is really required... to achieve a goal.