It’s fascinating to me how life unfolds. Some events are known, anticipated, feared or worried over as they approach, and then mostly pass without any consequence. We tool along through our days doing what it takes to get by, or get through to the next one, relying on old habits rather than learning, honing and shaping our concepts, methods, or beliefs regularly to keep up with the ever changing world in which we live. I have decided through my own experiences that if we do not pay attention and make the kinds of adjustments I just mentioned, be they big or small, life will eventually put us in a place where we are forced to make a decision, in order to bring about change.

      That is the moment that many refer to as “Coming to a crossroads”. There were no signs that warned us of the pending hazard and there are certainly few or none that point the way to a solution. There is a scene from the movie “North by Northwest” in which the leading man (Cary Grant…c’mon, he’s still an Icon, right?) is put out in the middle of nowhere in the very center of two intersecting roads. The scene is silent and there is not a thing in sight except ever stretching black ribbons of asphalt in 4 directions. He scans each empty horizon several times as he struggles to make sense of not only where he is, but also which road might lead to the safety of civilization. It is a poignant image that speaks of those places of indecision that we all find ourselves in along our journey.

      It is increasingly apparent to me that I have arrived at, or am quickly approaching one of those moments. I know in my gut that all cannot continue, as it has for however many years, very much longer. The things I am doing for work and the way I have been going about them are becoming less and less appealing or fulfilling. Discontent is seeping its way into my thoughts and has me second guessing my motives and questioning my level of commitment. I by no means want you to misconstrue that for unhappiness, or displeasure.  I chose the things I am currently involved in now and they have served me well and allowed me to live a flexible lifestyle, which has been important as a single parent and working musician, but I have changed and therefore so have my desires. Still, without a clear vision, or a formulated plan, what does one do?

      Creation starts in the mind. I know this fundamental truth about the universe well enough that I espouse it to others when handing out advice, but practicing what one preaches is a little different story, is it not? My days are now filled with conscious efforts to “see” the life I want to live, moving forward and, to speak it out loud, to invite it, but most of all to BE OPEN to it and ACCEPT it with gratitude when it manifests itself, which it does, for better or worse, depending on the energy and thoughts I have created. In the meantime, like a sculptor with a fresh block of wood, or slab of stone, I will be chipping away until I have created the “image” of the life I wish to live going forward. The beauty of this dynamic is that we are ALWAYS allowed and able to tweak it is we go along. I will have more to share with you as I move through this process in the weeks and months ahead. What I find, will depend on the following things:

  1. A genuine motive that resonates with my soul, or inner guidance
  2. A strong belief in manifesting and faith in my abilities
  3. A clear and constant picture held in my mind and spoken of regularly and concisely
  4. An unwavering knowing and acceptance of the fact that it is ALREADY here

       I would be very interested to read what you think about this subject, what you believe to be true and what kinds of experiences you have had if you practice this in your life.