Catching Up

Time ticks by as we scribble out our lives...

Well...2016 is only days from going into the history books. It has been an uneventful year on the surface, but far from that underneath it all. Life is, for me, seemingly constant course changes and this past year has been no different. Personal hopes for a stable and lasting relationship-finally-turned out to be more a lesson in self deception, trying to make something out of very little or nothing. The sting is slowly going away and I can now begin to think about moving on, though the confidence I once felt about the future in terms of "romance" has taken a decisive blow and I am not sure if it will find its way back. We'll see.

As you can tell, if you still stop by here, I have been far from diligent about "minding the store", so to speak. I know keeping in touch is important in this age of technology but there are times when I either don't have much to say, or am not sure quite how to say what might be going on. Still, every now and then, I feel a little pang of neglect or laziness for not doing a better job of connecting. If blogging is like an online journal, then that is what mine is for I realize again as I am writing this how personal my blogs tend to be, maybe even more than most of you would care to know. But...take it or leave it for that is just who / how I am...for now anyways.

On the music front, I am starting to move toward recording a new CD. The last one was "Private Passion" released in 2008 which means far too much time has passed without another effort, so I will keep you posted on that as it unfolds. Along with that renewed intention, I have begun booking gigs at the coast of North Carolina...Oak Island (at The Lazy Turtle )to be exact and soon Southport (at The Yacht Basin Eatery). This brings things back to the "course changes" I mentioned earlier. My goal is to live at the coast, perhaps as soon as by this time next year with any luck and concerted effort. I was born near the water and spent most of my childhood into high school near the ocean. It is in my blood and is the place where I feel most at home. I have been too far away for too damn long. With my child now in college, I can start to look at the future for myself and I see my feet in the sand. You'll be the first to know how this all works out as well.

So...Happy New Year! I am throwing away the compass and trusting the winds of change to carry me to the people, places, gigs and adventures that will satisfy my soul. Maybe you will do the same? As the now late George Michael said in his song..."You gotta have faith, faith,faith"

What do The South Carolina Broadcasters and Sessions Have In Common?

As I put more of my thoughts, time and efforts into promoting original music and other original creative projects, I am fortunate to be involved with passionate people who have interesting stories. Case in point; not long ago the phone rang and it was one of the handful of friends who have been supporting my efforts since the days of The Showcase. After a few minutes of small talk and catching up on the latest happenings, he broke into a new subject.

bluegrass-old-time-music-trio-the-south-carolina-broadcastersThe South Carolina Broadcasters "A little Mission Band"He said, "There's a bluegrass old-time music group out there that's been making a name for themselves in the region... ever heard of The South Carolina Broadcasters?" he asked, with a tone that seemed to say he knew what my answer would be. I could just imagine the smirk on his face on the other end of the line as he listened to me admit that I had not heard of them. He was all to happy to fill me in.

His answer started with another question."Do you remember a music store here in Greensboro that used to be on Spring Garden Street once upon a time called David Sheppard Instruments and Repair?"

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The musician's life...venues / Bistro 150

The heart and soul of any business rests in the owner/s and filters down through his / her / their employees accordingly. Randy Floss, owner of Bistro 150, has crafted a unique blend of restaurant and coffee shop and his influence can be seen in every aspect of the day-to-day operation. Whether it is the food cooked from scratch by talented chef Freddie M., the selection of tasty desserts, fine coffees, or the list of popular beers and wines, right down to the decor which gives the place a little bit of a European atmosphere, Randy's "touch" is ever present.

You can smell the food cooking as you walk in the door which prompts many to stop and

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The musician's life...venues / McPhersons Bar & Grill

In this technology driven world we live in, it seems that "links", be they cyber or otherwise are the keys to building awareness and attracting a customer base (or an audience in the performer's view). You can find lots of musicians and businesses linking themselves for this very reason. What you don't see (or should I say...I don't see) are venues talking much about their entertainment, OR artists talking much about the places where they perfrom. With that in mind, I thought I might take a stab at changing that situation, at least on my part. There are currently several establishments I play on a regular basis, so, I had to take a moment and think about which
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