The Talk Of Teronus - Season 3

We met again in 2015 to get season 3 underway. By this time The Collabative was no longer producing live events so all the attention could be turned to The Talk of Teronus. We wrapped things up in the fall, the last show being posted around Christmas and a "Super Jam" special episode was posted in January 2016.

That's where things stand for now. Wezo Drave and others have gotten very busy with other projects so there are not any plans yet in place for another season, but that is subject to change. No one has pulled the plug, it has just kind of taken a back seat for now to more pressing commitments. Regardless of what happens in the future, we're thrilled to have been able to capture performances and discussions like the ones you'll see in season 3. Playlist embedded below.

Season 3 featured these fine musicians:

  • David Bolton
  • Benjy Johnson
  • Jessica Mashburn
  • Annalise Stalls
  • Bruce Piephoff
  • Mark "Buddyro" Harrison

A great line up and worth a view!

Until next time....

Talk Of Teronus

Wezo and Drave; photo by Bob Powell

Wezo and Drave; photo by Bob Powell

In early 2013, The Collabative was approached by Dave Fox, a local music professor at Greensboro college as well as an extremely talented and versatile musician in his own right, about producing an online interview and performance show. The premise was the two hosts - "Wezo" a.k.a. Mike Wesolowski - a blues harpist with several area bands including Blues World Order and The Luxuriant Sedans, along with "Drave" a.k.a. Dave Fox - known for the Dave Fox Group and The Meldavians among others, would bring in many of the better known musicians from the Triad and beyond, sitting down to chat with them first, then getting into some serious music making as well.

The gist of the show revolves around Wezo and Drave, who just happen to hail from the mysterious and little known planet of Meldavia, somewhere out there in the galaxy. They have been camping out here on earth, infiltrating the music scene to learn all they can about human music to bring back to their home planet. Their tag line "It's all about us!" is but one piece of evidence as to the show's focus.

Join Meldavian Hosts "Wezo & Drave" as they engage in lively conversations with Musicians from the Triad area of North Carolina from The "Tone Lounge" at Mega Tone Amps in Greensboro,NC. Once the chat is over, they get down to the serious business of jamming on a tune with their guests.

So far it has run 3 years, though it remains to be seen if it will continue after its current hiatus while Dave concentrates on the production of the next "Healing Blues" project. The Collabative is grateful to Wezo & Drave for letting us be part of the fun and when it is decided what happens next, you'll hear about it here.

In the meantime, if you haven't seen any or all the shows, now is a good time to get caught up!

The Creative Center of Greensboro - being an advocate

Some of the goals for The Creative CenterWhen I was approached by Susan Sassmann, who was at the time, the executive director of The Creative Center in Greensboro, NC. back in 2011, I thought I was just helping to get an open mic going at the center. What I discovered along the way was that I was unleashing a deeper passion than even I had realized was within me. I have always loved performing and have been grateful over and over for being able to do it for 40 some years now. Little did I know that it would be almost over-shadowed by a soulful desire to promote original music and the people who write and perform it locally and beyond.

Crystal Bright performs at The ShowcaseThe Showcase of Original Music proved that to me and set me on a path I would never have predicted. As situations and circumstances changed, there came a point at which I knew I must move in my own direction. Never in my life had I ever been so bold as to say "This is what I am going to do no matter what anyone thinks or how it turns out." Even as I put my beliefs into action by incorporating (Coinspirate LLC - pronounced CO - IN - SPI - RATE = collaborate/inspire/create), I spent many a day worrying and wondering if I had been fool hardy and impulsive at a time when caution and clear-headed thinking should have prevailed. Though I still have those moments, they are slowly becoming fewer and farther between.

These days things have almost come full circle for I am back at The Creative Center doing shows, but more importantly - and the reason for this blog -  I will be getting much more directly involved in things there. I have agreed to come on as an advocate and do whatever I am capable of to help revitalize the center. I passionately believe it is a place of untapped potential and full of possibilities that could benefit the Greensboro area nurturing spirituality, art, music, entrepreneurial enterprise and more. I see it as an incubator for creative and meaningful collaborations and community building. I hope I am right. If not, I will at least have the satisfaction of knowing I tried when it counted. The only failure in life is not making any effort... well,  that is my philosophy.

Save the date!I hope you will visit The Creative Center if you are a resident of, or visiting the Greensboro area. If you know people looking for a place to worship, be artistic, perform, build a business and enhance the community, tell them about the center. And... if you like to see great original music, think about attending a Collabative (yeah another one of those crazy words) event there. Now back to the vision quest!

Inner Journey: Watching the signs, getting the messages.

If you read my last blog, you may have surmised by now that my life has taken a turn down a road of significant soul searching. If you have not, well... now you know and you're up to speed for the moment.

There have been challenges in just about every facet of my life in recent months. You'll be letting out a sigh of relief as I inform you that I am not going to bore you with all the gory details. I am only going to tell you a short story. Very short if I can manage it.

Personal journeys boil down to lots of questions, prayers for guidance and understanding and then usually a lot of time waiting, wondering, listening to the crickets chirp in your mind as the answers drift painstaking slowly into view IF you're awake enough and aware enough to catch sight of them as they pop in and out again. I have in my past missed many of the answers I so pleadingly asked for and fervently sought I am sure. But my latest inner journey has opened me up to a new awareness I hope; no... believe. There have been several things that have happened that I have recognized as messages for me without the slightest bit of hesitation or doubt. I know, this is getting into "woo-woo" territory, but for me (to me) they speak. Without spilling my private life all over the page, I can just say that the messages are clear that I have issues to let go of in order to move past this challenging time and find the inner peace and comfortable-in-my-skin-happy-about-my-life place that seems so elusive. To solidify the messages... today, while walking, I came upon a short length of chain laying in the road. Normally I would have passed it by without a second thought or glance. But today, in that new awareness mind set, I stopped, looked at it, picked it up and carried it with me as I continued my journey at a casual gate. As I walked with it, holding it in my fingers, looking at it closely I counted the links. 8. And in the very moment that the number 8 was arrived at came the message. "You have 8 things to unchain yourself from to find what you are looking for". Now, in days gone by I would have sought immediate psychiatric evaluation. But on this day, I just said a quiet "Thank you" and put the length of chain in my pocket as I made my way back home. It now hangs directly above my computer to remind me that I have more work to do discovering the things I need to release.  Rest assured, I have begun.

This story and picture will also be going up on a new page at The Collabative called "Sparks". Like the name suggests, they will be pictures, much like the one I wish I could have taken of the chain as I found it laying in the road instead of as you see it here on a table at the house. All the images there on "The Sparks" page will be left to do just that, spark someone's imagination to interpret them in any manner they wish through any art form they choose. Sound intriguing? Check it out.