Song Writer Sunday


Well hello!

It's been kind of quiet in the blog world for me lately... BUT...! there is something noteworthy going on these days.

Those of you who know me and follow my journey know that I enjoy promoting and helping showcase those who write and perform their own music, especially ones who are still trying to build a following, get some attention and present their music to new audiences. That was what The Collabative was all about.

Late last year, I had a discussion with Natalie Wurz, owner-proprietor at Stonefield Cellars in Stokesdale, NC. We bantered around the idea of holding a "Song Writers In The Round" event at her winery. It was a lively and enthusiastic chat which led to an agreement to put on the first one in March 12th of this year.  Thus was born "Song Writer Sunday".

On that Sunday afternoon Abigail Dowd, David Cecil, Bobbi Needham and Benjy Johnson shared their tunes with an almost full house. It was a wonderful blend of personalities and songwriting styles which thoroughly pleased and entertained folks. The beauty of the event is that while they were singing and playing, you could hear a pin drop in the rest of the room. There a few truly "listening" rooms, but the keg room at the winery has such an ambience and vibe that it makes for a perfect setting for this type of performance.  Needless to say Natalie and I were pleased and encouraged by the way it came together and immediately started looking forward to the next one.


The second one took place June 25th and featured Bradford Reaves, Carrie Pazdziora, Jack Gorham and Sarah Sophia. It was such a good mix of artists that, after the show, Natalie invited these four to come back to do a longer, more concert like presentation, which will happen November 4th. I can't wait for that one!

In the meantime, there is another group of song writers ready to strut their stuff on September 17th. They are. Wes Collins, Lyn Koonce, Barry Gray and Casey Noel. It is always fun to get to meet and hear these talented people, while getting them in front of some new faces that hopefully... turn into fans! Please come support local original music and check out Stonefield Cellars too!

The Talk Of Teronus - Season 3

We met again in 2015 to get season 3 underway. By this time The Collabative was no longer producing live events so all the attention could be turned to The Talk of Teronus. We wrapped things up in the fall, the last show being posted around Christmas and a "Super Jam" special episode was posted in January 2016.

That's where things stand for now. Wezo Drave and others have gotten very busy with other projects so there are not any plans yet in place for another season, but that is subject to change. No one has pulled the plug, it has just kind of taken a back seat for now to more pressing commitments. Regardless of what happens in the future, we're thrilled to have been able to capture performances and discussions like the ones you'll see in season 3. Playlist embedded below.

Season 3 featured these fine musicians:

  • David Bolton
  • Benjy Johnson
  • Jessica Mashburn
  • Annalise Stalls
  • Bruce Piephoff
  • Mark "Buddyro" Harrison

A great line up and worth a view!

Until next time....

The Talk Of Teronus - Season 2

Early in 2014 we began shooting the second season of The Talk Of Teronus. With 6 shows under our belts, the process became a little more familiar, but that doesn't mean it didn't go through some changes. Almost every session brought new ideas to try and ways to do things better and more efficiently, or more creatively. We had also upgraded the video editing to allow for multiple camera shots to add a little more variety to the video.

There was another fantastic list of musicians invited to be part of season 2. Even when the videos might have a glitch or two, the music was always spectacular. The featured musicians from season 2 are are listed below and a playlist of videos is to the right, starting with Neill Clegg. Check them all out if you have time.

  • Neill Clegg
  • Bill Newton
  • Chip Newton (yes...there is a connection between these two)
  • Sam Frazier
  • Marcus Horth
  • "Steady Rollin" Bob Margolin


The Talk Of Teronus - Season 1

Armed with iPhones, a laptop, cameras, and lots of enthusiasm, we arrived at the Megatone Amps "Tone Lounge" in Greensboro in June of 2013 to record the first 3 segments of the new show, with another 3 to be filmed at a future date. Things evolved pretty organically, ideas flowing out of the experience of live recording as well as plans and concepts created away from the scene. The basic goal was to get a 15-30 minute show, consisting of an interview, with some schtick or vignettes interspersed and then get down to the music portion to close out. It all looked good on paper, but was hardly the well-oiled machine conceptualized. You can't get that many creative people all in one space and have things go like clock work... trust me.

Each episode was a learning experience and a crazy good time over the course of a Sunday afternoon, shooting 3 segments in roughly 4 - 6 hours. We all left tired and yet excited about what was recorded that day. Then came the work of editing and posting online, which was a learning opportunity in itself and not without a few glitches here and there. But we managed to stay pretty close to our plan of posting 1 new show each month.

Season 1 featured the following guests:

  • Martha Bassett
  • Wally West
  • Rob Slater
  • Roger Kohrs
  • Max Drake
  • Scott Sawyer