Featured Artist interview with Banana Lazuli coming soon.

techno pop- experimental world music- singer- songwriter- Banana LazuliHow can you not be curious about a performer whose stage name is Banana. This woman is multi-cultural, multi-talented and is defining her own style and direction. Talking with her was like taking a trip around the world. She has put quite a few miles under her travel belt and she beams with pleasure while recalling memories about some of the people and places that she has encountered. Despite some technical glitches that interrupted our flow momentarily, the conversation was lively, informative and could have gone on well beyond our allotted time. The vidoes are in process now and will be up within days. When you are able to see them I think you will find Anna "Banana" as warm and unassuming as I did. She has some interesting gigs lined up in her schedule, click here to see more and be sure to watch the interview when it goes online.

Featured Artist Segments... The Interview

Ideas, like fantasies are wonderful things because they exist in a perfect world where every thing goes fabulously and turns out, well...perfect. In my head, the vision of doing video interviews with each month's featured artist seemed not only logical and the most entertaining, but also easily acheived. I suppose for one with lots of technology handy and the expertise to record it and then format, edit and upload the content, such a process is hardly a challenge. For me to attempt this feat alone would have been
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