Music is the predominant thread woven into the fabric of my life.
— Kris Ferris

Born in Maine and raised for a good portion of his adolescence in the Bahama islands, Kris arrived in Greensboro in 1994, having lived for varying lengths of time in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Music has been a part of his life since the age of 11 when he took his first guitar lesson and was also part of chorus in school. Playing contemporary music in bands became a passion in his early teens, performing professionally in his first band at the age of 17. As his singing ability developed, song writing was soon to follow.  In the late 70's in Atlanta Georgia, he formed a band called "Kittyhawk". It was the first project to play many of his original compositions. In the late 80's there was another group, "Source", which also performed many songs penned by Kris. It was during this time he also entered the Atlanta Songwriters Competition two consecutive years, getting honorable mention the first year and 3rd place finalist the next .

Music has always found an expression even between daytime jobs, marriage, and other life events for the past 43 years, through involvment in many types of bands, duos and his solo performances throughout the southeastern United States and most recently in the Greensboro area. Kris continues to write music and lyrics can be seen performing them, along with many easily recognizable cover tunes in many establishments in the Triad of North Carolina and makes up 1/3 of the trio Windfall who have also performed extensively in the Greensboro area for more than 14 years.

Another source of passion led Kris to create "The Collabative" which for 2 years, promoted and produced mixed art events featuring many local artist and their original creations in and around the city of Greensboro. You can see more about that here

The crowning achievement and source of great pride for Kris is his daughter Arianna who is now studying to be a Veterinary Technician and venturing further into to her independent life.